Samsung Galaxy S8 Active review

It wasn't too long back we piled laud on the Galaxy S8, Samsung's phoenix in the Note 7's fiery remains. Its beautiful plan, noteworthy screen, and amazing processor set a high bar that few telephones have possessed the capacity to coordinate.

Samsung's next commendable challenger has an altogether extraordinary point. The S8 Active is a ruggedized and strengthened cell phone worked to withstand the components — and selective to the AT&T organize.
Samsung Galaxy S8 Active review

So how does the S8 Active measure up to the plain old Galaxy S8? In our Samsung Galaxy Active audit, we found that it conveys on its guarantees, however at the expense of solidness — and plan.


The Galaxy S8 Active doesn't resemble your normal S arrangement cell phone. It's increasingly similar to a built up second cousin who spent the mid year deadlifting. Like any muscle head deserving at least moderate respect, the Active's ruggedized outside can get destroyed.

The S8 Active exchanges the S8's delicate glass-and-metal body for strengthened plastic. A thick packaging broadens the length of its edges, and stun retentive guards extend out from every one of the four corners. The S8 Active exchanges its antecedent's physical home catch for a virtual one, and presses an iris scanner, front camera, earpiece, and notice LED into a limited best bezel over the screen.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active survey

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active survey

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active survey

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active survey

The telephone's sides and back are reliable with the ruggedized tasteful. The power catch is on the correct side, inverse the volume rocker and Bixby catch on the left, and uncovered screws on the best and base hold the single base terminating speaker, SIM plate, earphone jack, and USB-C port set up. On the S8 Active's back, cushiony froth makes sufficient space for the camera, glimmer, and unique finger impression sensor.

The modern look and feel won't interest everyone, except we loved the weight and grippiness of the S8 Active's delicate touch body. Weight-wise, the S8 Active (208 grams) didn't feel that a lot heavier than the S8 (155 grams) and S8 Plus (173 grams), and in spite of the S8 Active's thickness — a need by virtue of its substantial battery — it wasn't discernibly less agreeable in the hand than the Galaxy S8.

We really came to favor the S8 Active's level screen to the Galaxy S8's bends.

The S8 Active's 5.8-inch touchscreen has a similar trademark blacks, wide survey edges, and lively hues as the Galaxy S8. It conveys the equivalent HDR Premium affirmation as well, which implies more noteworthy shading volume for high-unique range (HDR) content. Be that as it may, the S8 Active's screen is level rather than bended, and it's somewhat less fresh at a goals of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels and pixel thickness of 506 contrasted with the S8's 2,960 x 1,440 pixels and ppi of 570.

So, we had an intense time seeing the distinction, and we really came to incline toward the S8 Active's level screen to the Galaxy S8's bends. It made the S8 Active significantly less demanding to get a handle on than the all-glass Galaxy S8, which has a propensity of becoming animated suddenly in the event that you grasp too firmly.


The Galaxy S8 Active may not impart much in like manner to the S8 Active outwardly, however within is an alternate story.

It highlights chipmaker Qualcomm's Snapdragon 835 processor, which conveys 27 percent preferred execution over telephones with the Snapdragon 821, for example, the Google Pixel. It's combined with 4GB of RAM, 64GB of inward stockpiling, and a MicroSD card opening for extra memory.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active audit

Kyle Wiggers/Digital Trends

Sound natural? That is on the grounds that it's indistinguishable equipment from the Galaxy S8, down to the processor and MicroSD opening. Obviously, the S8 Active is similarly as fast.

This telephone completely flies through most undertakings, juggling different applications and program tabs like an expert. It crunched through our rebuffing blend of profitability (Slack, Trello, Gmail, and Dropbox) and online networking (Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter) with no recognizable exertion, not even once faltering, hiccupping, or slamming out of the blue. Indeed, even contrasted with Google's Pixel, the accepted benchmark for smoothness among Android telephones, the S8 Active held up astoundingly well under pressure.


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In any case, some applications figured out how to punch gaps in the generally consistent experience. Samsung's Bixby Home, a dashboard of news and social updates, slacked when propelled from the Bixby catch. Bixby Voice, Samsung's Siri-like keen voice associate, likewise every so often took more time to perceive directions than may be normal.

Be that as it may, in general, the S8 Active took care of everyday errands without protest, and performed similarly as emphatically in the three benchmarking applications we tried:

3DMark SlingShot Extreme: 2374

AnTuTu 3D Garden: 26.39fps

Geekbench 4: 1808 single center, 6174 multi-center

For reference, with Geekbench 4 the Galaxy S8 earned 1,762 in single center and 5,723 in multi-center, and the iPhone 7 Plus accomplished 3,367 in single center and 5,491 in multi-center.

This telephone totally flies through most assignments, juggling various applications and program tabs like a genius.

Even more great was the way that the S8 Active got those scores after we dunked it in a bowl of water for eight minutes.

The S8 Active highlights a similar iris-filtering, unique mark checking, and facial acknowledgment tech as the S8, and they work no less reliably. We're particularly enormous aficionados of facial acknowledgment, which opens the S8 Active in a split second. The iris scanner takes somewhat more, as does the unique mark sensor, which is in indistinguishable cumbersome position from it is on the S8. It's as yet difficult to achieve the unique mark sensor without smirching the neighboring back camera's focal point, and that is baffling.

Close Field Communication (NFC) and Samsung's restrictive Magnetic Secure Transmission (MST) are ready, which gives you a chance to pay for in-store things with Android Pay, Samsung Pay, and different contactless stages. Support for Bluetooth 5, the most up to date standard, implies twofold the speed and up to multiple times the range for perfect speakers, remote earphones, and shrewd home gadgets. You can even interface two Bluetooth gadgets in the meantime.


The S8 Active's ruggedized outside isn't only for show. The S8 Active is IP68 confirmed to withstand water up to three feet for thirty minutes, much the same as the Galaxy S8. But at the same time it's MIL-STD-810G confirmed, which implies it's been tried to withstand salt, dust, high mugginess, rain, and different components.

It absolutely withstood our pockets. We stowed the S8 Active rather recklessly for seven days, frequently sticking it into indistinguishable pockets from keychains and pens. Other than a surface scratch close to the screen's left-hand side, it got away sound.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Active audit

Kyle Wiggers/Digital Trends

From that point forward, we put the Samsung's progressively outrageous cases to the test.
First up was water opposition. We filled a straightforward bowl with four creeps of water, set it before a radiant office window, and dropped the exchanged on S8 Active in from above. We left it at the base of the bowl for around eight minutes, evacuated it, washed it off with a fistful of paper towels, and had a go at propelling a benchmarking application. Surprisingly, maybe nothing had occurred; the (shimmering) S8 Active cautioned us to hold up until the USB-C port had dried before connecting it to charge, yet finished the benchmark without grumbling. In consequent tests, each segment we tried — including the speaker, earpiece, and cameras — worked similarly and in addition they had before we altogether drenched them.

In the event that you get a S8 Active, anticipate that it will endure a unintentional plunge in a pool or drop onto cover fine and dandy.

Dropping the S8 Active didn't appear to do any changeless harm, either. We led a progression of drop tests in the workplace, on cover, with the S8 Active held face up at shoulder level. After three progressive drops, we analyzed the telephone intently for harm. In any case, attempt as we may, we didn't discover scratches, scrapes, or some other evident indications of real damage. The S8 Active's vibration engine appeared to shake more than regular when new notices arrived, however the drops didn't appear to influence the telephone's speaker, camera, or execution.

Here's our decision: If you get a S8 Active, anticipate that it will endure an incidental plunge in a pool or drop onto cover fine and dandy. The jury's out on how well it'll confront higher falls and more profound jumps, and we'll refresh this audit in the event that we watch something strange. Be that as it may, for the time being, we can by and by bear witness to the S8 Active's superior to average solidness.


The S8 Active's camera is indistinguishable to the one in the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S8. It's a solitary 12-megapixel sensor with a f/1.7 gap, dissimilar to the double camera demonstrate on the Note 8. Be that as it may, it doesn't languish over it.

In the early light hours of the weekday drive, it caught splendid, sharp photographs with bunches of detail. Hues would in general be somewhat more quieted than the Google Pixel. Also, now and again, Samsung's self-adjust didn't bolt onto to the correct subject, bringing about hazy shots.

samsung world s8 dynamic survey camera test 4

samsung world s8 dynamic survey camera test 6

In any case, we were inspired by the S8 Active's shooting modes. Particular Focus catches DSRL-like bokeh shots by obscuring the foundation and locking center around the frontal area, similar to Apple's Portrait Mode. The Pro mode gives you a chance to change settings like the screen speed, center, and ISO.

The S8 Active's front camera is no less adaptable. A "Wide Selfie" mode has you snap a photograph, bend your wrist to one side and left, and tap the shade catch to make a kind of selfie scene. Samsung's expanded reality (AR) sticker include improves the experience even with Snapchat-like stickers, veils, and channels.

Battery life and charging

The S8 Active isn't only bulkier for it. One purpose behind its thicker, chunkier body is a bigger battery, and it's a huge enhancement.

The Active packs a 4,000mAh battery contrasted with the Galaxy S8's 3,000mAh battery, and it doesn't take long to see the distinction. In our testing, an entire day of browsing messages, reacting to Slack messages, refreshing RSS channels, and snapping photographs depleted the battery to around 50 percent before sun-down. On the evenings, we didn't connect the telephone to a charger, we woke up to anyplace between 20 to 30 percent battery remaining.

The outcomes were significantly superior to the S8 Plus, which in our testing would in general associate with 25 percent by 8 p.m.


The S8 Active runs Samsung's recognizable TouchWiz interface, a skin over Android 7.1 Nougat. It's essentially unaltered from the variant on the Galaxy S8.

TouchWiz is somewhat more adaptable than most Android gadgets, which is decent to see.

The S8 Active boats with a couple AT&T applications pre-stacked, which isn't awfully amazing given its transporter eliteness. Most can be uninstalled or impaired, and most will trouble you on the off chance that you don't. We continued seeing messages from the DirecTV Quick Remote application, which we hadn't propelled, and suggestions to switch on Lookout's security programming. Bloatware isn't extraordinary nowadays, yet that doesn't make it any less irritating.

We've secured Bixby, — and TouchWiz's other significant highlights in incredible detail, so we won't plunge excessively profound into them here. In any case, rest guaranteed that marks like Smart Stay, which keeps the screen on as long as your eyes are gazing at it, and Activity Zone, which consequently logs your exercises, are available and represented.

TouchWiz is somewhat more adaptable than most Android gadgets, which is decent to see. You can turn around the request of the on-screen route symbol and change the screen goals, for instance, or dole out various unique mark sensor swipe signals to various applications and settings. Or on the other hand you can simply leave everything in its present condition. TouchWiz surrenders it over to you.

Cost and accessibility

The Galaxy S8 Active is selective to AT&T, which implies AT&T's site and physical stores are a portion of the few spots you can get them. You'll additionally require AT&T benefit so as to utilize it.

The S8 Active begins at $850 the maximum or $28.34 every month on a 30-month portion plan, and AT&T's putting forth up to $300 in credits with a qualified exchange. It comes in two hues, meteor dark and titanium gold.

Guarantee data

Samsung offers a standard constrained guarantee that shields the S8 Active from assembling absconds up to one year from the date of procurement. It doesn't cover harm from water, or incidental drops.


The Galaxy S8 Active is the Galaxy S8 in various garments — maybe a waterproof, stun safe vest. Generally, it's uncompromising. Within there's a similar processor, stockpiling, sensors, and radios as the S8, and Samsung has exploited the S8 Active's bigger casing to pack in a greater battery. It doesn't have the S8's bended screen, and it's a little on the heavy side. In any case, it holds up to manhandle fine and dandy.

Is there a superior option?

Not so much. The S8 Active is irregular in that its equipment is as great, and now and again better, than its parent telephone. Most tough telephones like the Cat S60, the Kyocera DuraForce Pro, and the Blackview BV6000 will in general have extensive batteries and sturdy bodies, yet generally mid-go specs. One conceivable special case is the Essential Phone, another gadget from the Andy Rubin-supported Essential. It includes a titanium outline that is apparently "strong" and "water-safe," however there's a trick — it hasn't earned IP confirmation or passed MIL-STD testing yet.

Until further notice, the S8 Active stands essentially uncontested in the top of the line ruggedized telephone classification.

To what extent will it last?

The Galaxy S8 Active runs TouchWiz, which implies it presumably won't get a refresh as fast as telephones with less customizations, similar to the Google Pixel and Essential Phone.

Samsung dependably conveys new forms of Android (most as of late Android O) later than when Google moves them out, so don't expect rapid redesigns.

Regarding solidness, we're anticipating that the S8 Active should hold up incredibly well after some time. On the off chance that the consequences of our fundamental tests are any sign, it ought to have no issue enduring everyday burdens, unplanned drops, and the infrequent rain shower.

Would it be advisable for you to get it?

Possibly. The S8 Active is undeniably a specialty item. Not every person will trade off on style in return for toughness. At that point there's the way that it's selective to AT&T, which makes it a substantially more troublesome recommendation in case you're on another transporter.

For people more worried about sturdiness than looks, the Galaxy S8 Active is the ideal arrangement. Not exclusively is it as extreme as publicized, it packs all a similar equipment and programming highlights as its better-looking S arrangement relatives.

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