Dell XPS 13 9370 review

A bizarre thing occurred at an ongoing gathering. I sat down, took out the new Dell XPS 13, and sat back as every other person did likewise. They, as well, had the XPS 13. Just a single individual sat behind a maturing MacBook Pro 15, the Apple logo sparkling like a solitary streetlight on a relinquished street.
Dell XPS 13 9370 review | Lid and trim

Dell has earned its fame. The XPS 13 has remained our most loved Windows workstation since it was discharged in 2015. Recently has its plan began to feel its age — thus Dell reacted with a refresh in mid 2018.

The 2018 XPS 13 which, until further notice, is being sold close by the old model, begins at $1,000 for a Core i5-8250U processor, 4GB of RAM, and a 128GB strong state drive (SSD). We tried both the $1,200 show (with Core i5, 8GB RAM, 256GB SSD, 1080p showcase) and the $1,900 demonstrate (with Core i7, 16GB RAM, 512GB SSD, and 4K show). Are these still the best of its breed?


Our survey unit, with its white inside and rose gold outside, emerges from its antecedents. While Dell has toyed with various outside hues on past models, including gold and rose gold, the inside dependably had a dark carbon-fiber look. The white choice is a more easygoing decision, however we wish it could be combined with something beyond a rose gold outside.

It's smooth, solid, and still on the little side for a 13-inch workstation, all of which make it look present day — if not new.

Going rose gold and white will set you back an additional $50, in light of the fact that it's the new hotness, as well as on the grounds that it was difficult to make. Dell says the white model was composed with extraordinary consideration for how it'll wear after some time, and you can feel it.

The material utilized is stiffer than the dark adaptation, and its woven surface isn't simply observed however felt. While we by and by favor the dark XPS 13, the white form still looks and feels premium.

However, it's not exactly great. We felt more case flex than in the more seasoned model, however we as a matter of fact went looking, and uncertainty most proprietors will discover motivation to whine. It's a nitpick, however it emerges on a superior workstation. Choices like the MacBook Pro 13 and Surface Book 2 13-inch feel like etched stone — however, as a matter of fact, they're additionally both bigger and heavier.

Network has definitely changed. While the old model still offered USB-A close by ThunderBolt 3, the new model bets everything on two ThunderBolt 3 ports and one USB-C 3.1 port. While just a single of these ports is named for charging, we discovered each of the three squeezed up the PC. The USB-C port can likewise deal with DisplayPort. The alternatives are wrapped up with a card peruser and an earphone jack.

Dell XPS 13 9370 audit | Screen and camera

Dell XPS 13 9370 audit | Lid and trim

Dell XPS 13 9370 audit | Hero shot of lady utilizing PC at a table before a window

Dell XPS 13 9370 survey | Ports on the correct side of the PC

Remote associations obviously incorporate 802.11ac Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. The Wi-Fi connector is a Killer Networks show with worked in stack adjusting, which Dell says can help smooth out execution when viewing Netflix and other spilling video administrations. We didn't see much contrast, yet we appreciated the packaged Killer programming. It doesn't look like much, however it allows per-application organizing administration, and incorporates a diagram of adjacent Wi-Fi arrange quality.

We're certain that some will detest Dell's jettisoning of more seasoned ports, yet it was among the toward the end in its class to help them. Like it or not, USB-C and Thunderbolt 3 are what's to come. Dell isn't unfeeling, be that as it may, and incorporates a USB-C to USB-A connector in the case.

The console stays extraordinary. Truth be told, in the event that anything, it enhanced somewhat.

Something else, the new XPS 13's updates are difficult to take note. Its most extreme thickness is down significantly, from 0.6 creeps to 0.46 inches, and weight has dropped a couple of hundredths of a pound — yet we question you'd have any thought if nobody let you know. Measure aside, the state of the PC hasn't changed, and that makes light of the updates. It's as yet a wedge, regardless it looks rather wide, despite everything it has expansive elastic feet on the underside to avoid slippage.

On adjust, this is a moderate refresh. That is fine with us. Our fundamental grumbling with the active XPS 13 was its circumference, which felt stout beside contenders like the HP Specter x360 and Huawei Matebook X Pro. That is not an issue for the new model. It's smooth, tough, and still on the little side for a 13-inch PC, all of which make it look present day — if not new.


Console quality has for quite some time been among the XPS 13's most prominent qualities. The upgrade left us stressed, all things considered plans do, that Dell may disturb the equation. They haven't. The console stays awesome. Actually, in the event that anything, it enhanced somewhat. Key travel appears to be indistinguishable between the two, yet the new model has a firmer, more material bottoming activity. Finicky typists ought to be cautioned the format is still on the little side, with some minor keys — like Backspace. In any case, it's fantastic for a PC this little, matching the Surface Book 2 and far surpassing options with extremely shallow consoles like the MacBook Pro 13 and the first Asus Zenbook 3.

Dell XPS 13 9370 survey | Keyboard calculated photograph

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

An illuminated console is standard, yet just offers two levels of brilliance modification. We additionally found that, at any rate on the white model, lighting quality wasn't extraordinary. Keys were lit unevenly over the console, and the light was diminish around the edge of each keycap.

We're more joyful with the touchpad. The XPS 13's little size means the touch surface is somewhat obliged even in respect to other 13-inch gadgets like the Samsung Notebook 9 Pen, however the XPS 13 compensates for that with a smooth, responsive feel and full Windows Precision Touchpad bolster. Windows 10 presently has numerous valuable signals and, once you know them, they're a breeze to flip through.


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The 720p webcam is as yet set along the base of the XPS 13's showcase, offering cumbersome, up-the-nose shots at whatever point it's the ideal opportunity for a video gathering. Dell has in any event moved the camera to the center of the workstation, and quality has progressed. It's likewise perfect with Windows Hello so you can sign in with simply your face.


Like past models, a touchscreen is discretionary. The base 1080p screen doesn't bolster it, while the 4K alternative does. Contact is anything but an absolute necessity have on a PC, yet we've turned out to be so accustomed to it that we frequently reach to tap the showcase by nature. We'd jump at the chance to see all variants, even the section level XPS 13, bolster contact.

The discretionary 4K touchscreen is the trade for the more seasoned model's 3,200 x 1,800 screen. The overhaul actually expands sharpness, yet you likely won't see, as pixel thickness was at that point far over what's have to make singular pixels undetectable at a typical survey remove. In any case, we like Dell's choice, as 3,200 x 1,800 is an ungainly goals.

The two screens perform well, however we prescribe a great many people adhere to the 1080p board. While the 4K screen is more honed, the 1080p screen scored better conversely proportion and shading exactness. You'll additionally observe better battery life from the 1080p model — more subtle elements on that underneath.

You can locate a superior presentation on choices like the MacBook Pro 13, the Surface Book 2, and the upstart Asus ZenBook S, and you may favor those choices if extremely high complexity, to a great degree wide shading array, or exact shading precision are your objectives. A great many people, in any case, simply need a screen that looks pleasant, and the XPS 13 effectively clears that obstacle while conveying test scores that are aggressive with its companions.

Dell XPS 13 9370 survey | Full workstation from straightforwardly in front

Bill Roberson/Digital Trends

While the showcase exceeds expectations, the speakers do fall behind. They sound very wonderful at direct volume be that as it may, as volume goes up, the possibility of bending likewise rises. The bass-substantial trailer for Avengers: Infinity War demonstrated the speakers at their weakest, yet the less emotional trailer for The Incredibles 2 fared better.


The new XPS 13, beginning at $1,000, is actually $200 more than the more established rendition. However it's not precisely an expansion in cost. Rather, Dell doesn't as of now offer a Core i3 variant. The most essential XPS 13 has a Core i5-8250U, which can be moved up to a Core i5-8550U. We tried the two forms.

Geekbench 4 doesn't give any shocks, as the two forms of the XPS 13 performs like contenders. The Dell XPS 13 with Core i5 beats the Asus ZenBook UX330UA, for instance, yet slips behind the Acer Swift 3. The XPS 13 with Core i7, in the interim, exchanges blows with the HP Specter x360 13-inch, landing marginally behind in single-center however ahead in multi-center.

Things get all the more intriguing in Handbrake, a video encoding apparatus. Here we saw to a great degree solid outcomes from the Dell XPS 13, which helpfully beat every one of its companions, incorporating the LG Gram with Core i7-8550U. Dell's Core i5 demonstrate required only four minutes and 10 seconds to wrench through a 4K trailer of Elysium, and the Core i7 display completed about a half-minute all the more rapidly.

Indeed, even the Core i5 show felt spritely, rapidly bouncing between undertakings.

You may ask why the XPS 13 is so snappy. We speculate it's the new cooling framework, which utilizes Gore texture to give debilitate protection and keep coordinated the correct way. Handbrake is a moderately long, high-stack test, thus it has a tendency to uncover warm throttling. The new XPS 13 doesn't appear to experience the ill effects of that.

Both of audit units accompanied a Toshiba XG5 strong state drive associated over PCI Express. Each hit high read velocities of up to 1.9 gigabytes for every second, except compose speeds were a bit bring down at 475 megabytes for every second. Here, a few companions are quicker or more adjusted, yet some additionally fall behind. The HP Specter 13, HP Specter x360 13-inch, and Samsung Notebook 9 Pen all beat the XPS 13 in compose execution, however were behind — here and there a long ways behind — in perusing speed.

Counted up, the numbers are in the XPS 13's support, and that means smooth execution. Indeed, even the Core i5 display felt spritely, rapidly bouncing between undertakings decisively.


All forms of the new XPS 13 accompany Intel UHD 620 designs incorporated into the processor. That is not abnormal for a 13-inch PC, however a few newcomers like the Asus Zenbook UX331UN offer a Nvidia GPU. Intel UHD 620 can't coordinate that, yet the Dell represents itself superior to most.

While contenders tend to score somewhere in the range of 900 and 1,000 in 3DMark's Fire Strike test, the Dell PCs both scored over 1,000. Once more, we presume the cooling framework can be expressed gratitude toward, as the workstation appeared to be less stressed than most PCs in its class and ran cooler – however it was still too warm to easily use on your lap.

We additionally ran Rocket League to perceive how the workstation handles a true amusement. At 1080p, with illustrations set to Performance, the Core i5 display dealt with a normal of 54 outlines for each second, and the Core i7 scored close indistinguishable outcomes. Knocking designs detail up to High Quality diminished execution to 23 FPS. All things considered, we found the diversion was playable at simply over 30 FPS on the still-appealing Quality preset. These are solid outcomes for a PC with Intel UHD 620 illustrations, and demonstrate some less requesting diversions are playable, yet in the event that you need some genuine gaming ability look to the XPS 15 or the XPS 15 2-in-1.


Thinning the XPS 13's profile didn't trade off the console or execution, however the battery wasn't so fortunate. The new model boats with a 52 watt-hour unit, a minimization from the old model's 60 watt-hour units.

The Dell XPS 13 doesn't have the best battery life in its class, yet it's close to the highest point of the store. We saw 13 and a half hours in the video circle with the 1080p showcase, which was decreased to 10 and a half hours with the 4K show. Either demonstrate is probably going to put you through a full workday without fixing it off, yet the 4K form won't have much left in the tank.

Both the models we tried could surpass results from past adaptations, regardless of the littler battery. Dell's most recent outline is more productive than the last, so present proprietors do have motivation to overhaul.


We were alarmed to see a McAfee notice show up on the XPS 13, however it was effortlessly rejected and can be uninstalled. Dell additionally packs in a couple of helpful highlights, for example, firmware administration programming, and Dell's Mobile Connect. That last application can match up your cell phone with your workstation, notwithstanding giving you a chance to send instant messages. It's a pleasant additional, however didn't generally work for us — frequently neglecting to associate with an Apple iPhone 7 Plus over Bluetooth. When it worked, it conveyed message and notices with just slight dithering.


The new Dell XPS 13 changes the old model's demonstrated recipe, refreshing it for present day tastes. Its thin, quick, and still keeps going in a hurry in spite of its scaled down battery. We especially like the $1,200 display, which adjusts execution and battery life.

Is there a superior option?

2-in-1s are getting to be mainstream and reasonable, diminishing to some degree from the interest of an old-school clamshell that comes standard without a touchscreen. Dell makes a 2-in-1 adaptation of the XPS 13, yet it's not as snappy. We prescribe the Microsoft Surface Pro on the off chance that you need your workstation to work well as a tablet as well.

On the off chance that you incline toward an old-school workstation, however, the XPS 13 is surely your best alternative. Contenders like the Huawei MateBook X Pro, HP Specter 13, and MacBook Pro 13 have their advantages, however they don't convey as much esteem generally speaking.

To what extent will it last?

The XPS 13 is pressed with the most recent equipment, the last ports, and has an astounding showcase. That all means a PC that should, notwithstanding mishaps or deformities, serve you for a long time (or more).

Dell offers a one-year guarantee against maker absconds. That is commonplace for any PC, even one valued at $1,000 or more.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

Truly. The Dell XPS 13 is as yet the best 13-inch workstation you can purchase.

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