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Fossil has turned into a major player in the realm of Android Wear smartwatches, yet not the greater part of its watch brands have joined the shred. The Diesel On Full Guard denotes Diesel's first night at the gathering, and it's conveyed along two or three traps to flaunt.

Diesel has picked to both reproduce and upgrade what it right now does on simple watches with the Full Guard, and it trusts it's the first in another arrangement of smartwatches.
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However, does it satisfy its guarantee? Would it be able to join the developing pantheon of good Fossil smartwatches or will it tumble to the wayside? Here's our decision on how Diesel sits in the scene of Android Wear smartwatches.

Diesel On Full Guard: Design

Diesel On Full Guard first look: Giving Android Wear a touch of swagger

With regards to simple watches, Diesel's style ranges from a more exquisite effortlessness to a modern behemoth that resembles a motion picture prop from Blade Runner. With the Full Guard, the Italian mold house has agreed to something in the middle.

This is an extremely mechanical outline. The hardened steel outline feels like it's being heaped over with sharp dark clasps and uncovered screws. This looks, and feels, similar to it needs to shout about how extreme yet-delightful it is.

That is just enhanced by the lashes, agreeable yet-thick groups that have bolts in them - just on the off chance that you didn't know what look this watch was going for. It is unashamed in regards to what it needs to resemble, and you can either get on board or move along. Generally, I delighted in how the watch looked, however I could most likely manage without said bolts.

It's likewise a truly stout smartwatch, with an all inclusive face and 12mm thick. Contrasted with other thick watches, similar to the Louis Vuitton Tambour Horizon, you can truly feel it on the Diesel this - some of the time it had an inclination that it would tumble off my wrists.

I'm not misrepresenting either. On the off chance that you have your band even somewhat free, you're going to feel that watch confront pull at the tie only a bit. So keep it attached tight.

Diesel On Full Guard first look: Giving Android Wear a touch of swagger

With respect to the rest, you have IP67 water obstruction, a Qualcomm 2100 Snapdragon processor, a 1.4-inch 454 x 454 AMOLED show, 512MB of RAM and 4GB of capacity. In our testing, the show was a feature. It's brilliant and bright and Diesel really utilizes it to do cool things, which we'll get to in a bit.

The Full Guard has three catches on the correct side. There's a best and base catch that are adaptable, so you can click them and get alternate ways to your most loved applications (I ran with the dial impacts and stopwatch myself). There's additionally a pivoting crown for rotational information that can likewise be clicked like a catch - simply like the Michael Kors Access Grayson, a kindred Fossil smartwatch

In general, while the Full Guard is positively a gorgeous watch that you could without much of a stretch confuse for a mammoth, mechanical bit of gems, it is very thick. I have greater wrists and like a bigger watch, yet the Full Guard at times felt excessively notwithstanding for me.

There are different hues too, including a totally dark face with a darker band, and also choices with a dark metal band and a gold one.

Diesel On Full Guard: Features

Diesel On Full Guard first look: Giving Android Wear a touch of swagger

Maybe to compensate for an absence of wellness highlights, a large number of the design centered smartwatches we've seen have gone for other intriguing thoughts in the product - and the Full Guard is the same. To isolate itself from the pack, Diesel has been shouting from the housetops about the product includes on the Full Guard. One of those highlights, an AI considered T-ON-I that accompanies a sidekick application, was not prepared at the season of the survey. Whenever accessible, T-ON-I will remind you about your progression tallies and stuff that way.

At the present time, however, the enormous highlights are about the watch faces. You have six faces here from Diesel, all motivated somehow by simple Diesel watches. Some of them do basic things, similar to show your battery life and movement (read: step checks) in a simple to-see way. Some of them accomplish more remarkable things. The Infinity watch confront, for example, accompanies an extremely cool 3D impact that influences it to resemble your watch confront is an unlimited pit you can stick your finger into, which I certainly didn't endeavor to do...

Diesel On Full Guard

Diesel On Full Guard

Wareable may get a commission

There's additionally the Heads Up watch confront, which contains a HUD that you can raise with a twofold tap close to the highest point of the watch confront. The correct spot you need to hit is somewhat dubious, and you'll some of the time spend baffling seconds consistently tapping to hit it, however when you do it raises an overlay that gives you an entire bundle of data on your watch. You have battery life, network, action, climate and time zones.

The last watch confront enables you to construct your own. Presently, the greater part of the watch faces are to a great degree adaptable. You can change each shading, down to minute parts of the face you didn't know existed. This is stuff like watch tracks and plates and list and curved ring. It's enjoyable to play with and alter, yet there are such huge numbers of alternatives that any individual who is anything but a bad-to-the-bone watch fan may wind up feeling lost and simply abandoning it.

Diesel On Full Guard first look: Giving Android Wear a touch of swagger

Nonetheless, the manufacture a watch confront gives you a chance to make your own particular watch look without any preparation. It's as yet confused to do, yet observing your own particular watch confront meet up with every one of those alternatives is a flawless thing. You can even spare them and sort them by watch confront shading.

The majority of the customizations have a remarkable component obtained from Diesel's simple watches. Fundamentally, the Full Guard gives you a chance to apply a channel over the watch confront that progressions shading in view of how you move the watch. So on the off chance that you tilt the watch somewhat, your blue channel will turn red. Or then again on the off chance that you tilt it without flaw, you'll get a half red/half blue watch channel. It's a cool impact, copying an optical deception by changing the shading utilizing the accelerometer and spinner.

At long last, the huge contrivance on the Full Guard is something many refer to as Dial Effects. There are three of these - climate, movement and Do Not Disturb - and they're basically channels that live over your watch confront. For example, if it's drizzling and roaring you'll see rain and roar in the climate impact. Movement will haze up your show with virtual residue except if you move on your progression objective; the closer you get the more residue leaves. The Do Not Disturb impact just shows up when you have Do Not Disturb mode on, and it would appear that your glass is breaking as more warnings come in.

Diesel On Full Guard first look: Giving Android Wear a touch of swagger

These are perfect thoughts, however practically speaking won't be to everybody's loving. For instance, the residue impact just influences your watch to confront look appalling until the point when you do your objective. It absolutely worked for me, storing disgrace onto me until the point that I went ahead, however some may very well think that its irritating. The Do Not Disturb impact is the best one, as you can undoubtedly and rapidly see the amount you missed while viewing a motion picture or amid a meeting.Though for those of you with notice tension... this probably won't be the best one for you.

It's difficult to contrast the Full Guard with programming highlights in different smartwatches, similar to the world clock thoughts from the Tambour Horizon or the simply restorative grunge setting on the Cory Richards, on the grounds that there is no genuine correlation. It's simply excessively extraordinary. It makes them intrigue thoughts in how to play with warnings and how to reproduce a simple watch involvement in a smartwatch, however it additionally feels incompletely prepared. This, notwithstanding, is a decent strong construct for the home Diesel In light of Full Guard, where Diesel can enhance the smart thoughts and free itself of the ones that simply don't fly.

Diesel On Full Guard: Hardware

Diesel On Full Guard first look: Giving Android Wear a touch of swagger

That story persists to the equipment of the Full Guard. Having three catches on a mechanical smartwatch appears like a smart thought. Of these, the two adjustable catches are top dog. It makes it that considerably less demanding to switch between Dial Effects when you can simply click a catch and not need to go to the Android Wear 2.0 menu screen by any stretch of the imagination.

Actually, the three catches make it simple to get around quick. In the event that Fossil's long play here is to make sense of a path for you to live exclusively on your watch faces, it's arriving.

The third catch, the turning crown, is the one that'll give you the most inconvenience. It works in principle, utilizing a crown to explore is a great one that makes things considerably simpler. In any case, this crown is stuck between two bits of metal that block your capacity to wind it - particularly in the event that you have greater fingers. My fingers are entirely thin, yet I experienced difficulty turning the dial, I can't envision somebody with bigger fingers having better good fortune. Further, tapping the crown in feels sort of thick. It's similar to pushing a chocolate chip into nutty spread if, blunder, you realize what feels like.

Discussing inelegance, swiping between watch appearances can once in a while be somewhat troublesome in light of the fact that the sharp edge of the bezel will get your finger a couple of too often. Furthermore, you have to begin the swipe out by the bezel on the grounds that on the off chance that you don't it probably won't enroll your swipe in any case.

The thoughts here are great, however there are simply an excessive number of bandy that hurt the experience. This is the narrative of the Full Guard, same as it was in programming, same as it is in equipment.

Diesel On Full Guard: Battery life and network

Diesel On Full Guard first look: Giving Android Wear a touch of swagger

The greatest worry on the Full Guard is battery life. Diesel is promising an entire day of utilization on a 370mAh battery, genuinely little contrasted with the 410mAh in something like the Tag Heuer Connected Modular, yet as far as I can tell that has not happened. Rather, I'll see the watch tumble off after around eight long periods of utilization, with the Dial Effects turned and brilliance set to auto. For example, I put the watch on at around 10am and it began to slow down at around 6pm. One more day, I put it on at around 8am and saw it slow down at around 4pm.

One purpose behind this is a direct result of availability issues. I tried the Full Guard with both an iPhone and Android telephone, and the two times I would see the Full Guard lose association from time to time. I'd attempt to reconnect, have little achievement and need to attempt once more. We've had some network issues with Fossil Group smartwatches previously, as with the Fossil Q Accomplice. This Bluetooth movement clearly imposes the battery, likely causing battery life deplete. On iPhone, there was likewise an issue associating with Wi-Fi. These association fits didn't occur constantly, or even each day, however they did generally happen when I left my telephone for some time.

Contingent upon who you converse with, the smartwatch war is everything except over, and Apple won. Google's Android Wear activity attempted to bring down the Apple Watch a couple of years back however didn't make a big deal about an imprint.

Google has since returned to the planning phase, renamed its smartwatch stage 'Wear OS' and has enrolled the help of brands like TAG Heuer, Hugo Boss and Fossil, to give customers something that even Apple's item can't deal with: a feeling of genuine form.

Diesel On at Amazon for $8.98

The Wear OS go is populated by smartwatches that don't really look like smartwatches, which – Google trusts – will make them a more standard suggestion. Diesel is likewise joining the Wear OS party and is maybe a standout amongst the most imperative partners Google has in the following period of the wearables war.

Its Diesel On Full Guard timepiece is along these lines one of the key Wear OS gadgets available right now – yet does it have the usefulness to coordinate those maliciously great takes a gander, at the grand cost of $325/£329 (around AU$435)?

Plan and solace

Metal packaging with water and residue opposition

Cowhide or metal replaceable tie

Similar to the case with huge numbers of the watches running the second era of Google's wearable working framework, the Diesel On Full Guard has a round face and resembles an 'ordinary' watch you'd find in your nearby gem dealers.

It's very stout and is molded prevalently from metal; the lash is cowhide (in spite of the fact that a metal option is likewise accessible for $25/£20 more) and the main piece of the watch that is plastic is a board on the back, by means of which the watch's battery is topped-up utilizing the provided charging cushion.

On the right-hand side of the watch you'll discover a turning crown which can be utilized to look through menus; a short press opens up the principle Wear OS menu, while a long press triggers Google Assistant. Two more catches – arranged above and underneath the crown – concede access to regular alternate routes and proposed activities, for example, checking the climate and perusing recommended applications to download.

The dark lash provided with our survey display is produced using bona fide calfskin and, as you may expect, hints at wear rapidly; wrinkles show up following multi day of utilization, which is quite typical for this sort of watch. The lashes have a brisk discharge instrument which implies they're anything but difficult to expel and supplant.

Given its expansive size and heavy weight, the Diesel On Full Guard can be marginally awkward, particularly on the off chance that you have thin wrists. The metal casing has an inclination to delve into the skin as you move your hand, so you should need to attempt it on for measure before making a buy.

While it's not being promoted as a wellness watch, the Diesel On Full Guard is entirely strong – it has water and residue obstruction and is equipped for withstanding a reasonable level of discipline.

Nonetheless, given its status as a design adornment – and the way that there's a calfskin tie that can get checks and scrapes – we envision the vast majority will wear this on a night out on the town as opposed to on a requesting climbing experience.


1.4-inch AMOLED board with 454 x 454 goals

Diesel dials can be altered and spared

On the off chance that you've been following Google's cell phone OS since the very first moment then you'll no uncertainty review the Moto 360, which was one of a kind for its round show. In any case, to fit in the encompassing light sensor Motorola needed to incorporate a dark opening which offered ascend to the term 'punctured tire' – today, it may have been alluded to as an 'indent', like that seen on the iPhone X.

Benevolently, the times of the 'punctured tire' are behind us and the Diesel On Full Guard exhibits a delightfully entire roundabout dial. This 1.4-inch AMOLED board has a goals of 454 x 454 pixels and is splendid, punchy and simple to peruse in for all intents and purposes all conditions.

While the majority of Wear OS is predictable over the greater part of the different gadgets, Diesel has endeavored to stamp its blemish on this specific watch by including some selective – and adjustable – watch faces.

Strikingly, the organization has chosen to influence these countenances to seem as though they do on its other (non-savvy) watches, directly down to the capacity to include an extraordinary holographic-style impact which changes shading when you tilt the watch; this copies the sheen utilized on Diesel's standard timepieces and looks extremely successful.

And also flipping this impact on and off, you can change different components of the face and after that spare your design. You can likewise download extra faces from the Google Play store, or even utilize one of the default Wear OS ones, if Diesel's contributions are excessively extravagant for your preferring.

Specs, highlights and execution

Snapdragon 2100 CPU running at 1.2Ghz with 512MB RAM

4GB of capacity

Most recent form of Google's Wear OS

The original of Android Wear watches were hamstrung by poor execution due the dreary particulars; the final product was an OS which felt slow and frequently lethargic.

Gratefully, the present Wear OS extend doesn't experience the ill effects of this issue, and the Diesel On Full Guard is smart and reacts in a flash to your sources of info. This is down to the Snapdragon 2100 chipset thumping at the core of the watch, which is helped by 512MB of RAM.

Diesel On at Amazon for $8.98

In any case, while exploring around the Wear OS interface is a generally fast issue, there are minutes when the watch delays for a second prior to stacking an application or dropping you into the following menu. It is anything but a major issue, yet it can wind up irritating, particularly when you're in a rush.

While it has an exceptional sticker price, the Diesel On Full Guard needs NFC, so you won't have the capacity to utilize it to make contactless installments by means of Google Pay – a genuine oversight on the off chance that you ask us, given that such usefulness is accessible on some likewise estimated rivals.

One reason Google dropped the 'Android' from 'Android Wear' is on the grounds that it needs to make this line of wearables stage freethinker; like other Wear OS gadgets, the Diesel On Full Guard works with both Android and iOS.

You approach somewhat less applications when utilizing an iPhone, yet the procedure for associating is to a great extent the same. The main issue we experienced was that when combined with an iPhone, the watch would in some cases neglect to consequently reconnect subsequent to losing its connection.

Applications and wellness following

No GPS or pulse screen included

Accompanies Google and Diesel wellness applications

Like all Wear OS gadgets, the Diesel On Full Guard interfaces with your Android or iOS cell phone through a devoted application. Certain applications exchange their capacities to the watch; you can have Google Translate on your wrist prepared to decipher any outside dialect, or you can introduce Google Play Music and control your sound library from your watch confront.

Diesel has additionally introduced its very own portion applications, despite the fact that they're somewhat hit-and-miss. 'Dial Effects' is an application which, once empowered, overlays visual impacts on the watch confront which wind up being an aggravation more than whatever else; for instance, 'Movement Mode' covers the face with dust which is gradually evacuated the more exercise you do, while 'Climate Mode' indicates things like rain and lightning, contingent upon the neighborhood conditions.

Diesel T-ON-I is a more driven endeavor, and basically takes center data like the climate, your arrangements and the quantity of steps you've taken and gives them once in a while clever messages.

While the plan of the interface is decent and it influences the Diesel On Full Guard to stand separated from other Wear OS gadgets, this is at last simply unnecessary duplication of substance and in the event that you need to depend on it completely you'll have to meticulously debilitate the majority of alternate components of the Wear OS framework which as of now cover this sort of information – else you'll have warnings hitting you from all bearings.
Like a considerable number Wear OS watches, the Diesel On Full Guard isn't being situated as a wellness tracker – it's gone for design cognizant shoppers most importantly. While Google Fit comes pre-stacked and will track your different physical exercises, it's absolutely subject to your telephone's GPS tech, as the watch itself does not have this capacity.

There's additionally no pulse screen, which again restrains the Diesel On Full Guard's interest to genuine wellness enthusiasts. The nonattendance of such highlights is confounding when you consider that watches like the Amazfit Bip – which costs a modest part of what Diesel is requesting its gadget – has the two GPS and a pulse screen.

And additionally Google Fit, you can introduce different wellness trackers and different applications from the Google Play Store.

Battery life

370mAh battery

Day by day charges are important

Attractive charging plate can slip off

Stamina has for some time been the Achilles' foot rear area of smartwatches, and tragically the Diesel On Full Guard does nothing to change this grieved situation. The most you can sensibly hope to escape a solitary charge is 24 hours, and in case you're utilizing the watch a considerable measure then you can expect a much lower figure than that.

You'll have to charge the watch at any rate once per day, a procedure which takes any longer than it ought to do – a full charge is around two hours.

The packaged attractive charging cushion is likewise a let-down, as it frequently slips off the back of the watch amid utilize; you'll have to ensure you lay it down on a totally level surface where it won't get thumped.


There's no denying that the Diesel On Full Guard looks like it, and is certain to speak to existing enthusiasts of the brand and also the individuals who esteem stylish appeal to the exclusion of everything else.

It likewise profits by the improved intensity of Wear OS, Google's smartwatch working framework – it's smoother, more flexible and offers both Android and iOS bolster. It's only a disgrace that there aren't more committed applications for the stage.

Diesel On at Amazon for $8.98

Be that as it may, there are some appalling inadequacies to note. The absence of GPS and NFC is a genuine disgrace, particularly when you consider the value point. Battery life is likewise firmly normal – you'll have to charge this at any rate once per day, and the charging time is truly extensive.

Obviously, not every person needs a super-lively smartwatch or wellness tracker, and the Diesel Full On Guard isn't too costly when you contrast it with a commonplace 'conventional' design timepiece.

Who's this for?

It may seem like an undeniable answer, however the Diesel On Full Guard is obviously gone for existing Diesel fans.

The organization has kept up plan associations with its current line of watches – directly down to imitating the alluring shading change dial impact utilizing the movement detecting tech inside the watch – and AMOLED show aside, you'd be excused for expecting this is only a run of the mill watch (something which, in all decency, could be said of a large number of the new Wear OS gadgets).

In case you're a wellness fan however then this maybe isn't for you; there's no worked in GPS or pulse screen, which rather restrains the Diesel On Full Guard's appropriateness with regards to monitoring your day by day action administration.

Would it be a good idea for you to get it?

In case you're after a smartwatch to equal any semblance of the Apple Watch 3, at that point the Diesel On Full Guard is precarious to suggest; it's inadequate in scratch highlights –, for example, GPS and NFC – and can't coordinate Apple's gadget with regards to wellness usefulness.

In any case, on the off chance that you need a smartwatch which resembles a chic timepiece, at that point the buying choice is somewhat less demanding to legitimize; Diesel's creator watches are as of now very expensive. It's only a disgrace that the battery life is so disillusioning, and the Wear OS programming is still so constrained as far as application bolster.

First surveyed: May 2018

The Diesel On is a long way from an immaculate smartwatch, so you should need to consider one of these:

LG Watch Sport

One of the main Wear OS gadgets at the present time, the LG Watch Sport has ground-breaking specs and can even make calls by means of its own SIM card – accepting you're in the US, in any case. It's very costly however and experiences poor battery life, similar to the Diesel On Full Guard.

Read our full LG Watch Sport survey

Apple Watch 3

Apple's the market pioneer in the smartwatch division and in light of current circumstances – its lead gadget is head and shoulders over its opponents. In any case, by concentrating on iOS so emphatically the organization risks missing out on clients; Google's Wear OS offers help for both iPhone and Android clients, amazingly.

Read our full Apple Watch 3 survey

LG Watch Style

Less expensive than the LG Watch Sport and not exactly as highlight rich, this Wear OS gadget is a decent alternative on the off chance that you don't extravagant spending heaps of cash on Diesel's putting forth – simply don't hope to amaze your mates with this on your wrist.

Diesel On Full Guard

By Diesel

The Full Guard has a ton of fascinating new thoughts regarding how we utilize our smartwatch. It needs to reproduce the sentiment of one of a kind simple watch plans; It needs to give you visual data rapidly; It needs to put have to-know data two or three taps away, and your most loved applications a catch press away. These smart thoughts, in any case, aren't executed all that well. That, in addition to poor battery life, influences the Full Guard to feel like it's as yet working this smartwatch thing out.


Modern plan

Novel programming thoughts

Alternate way catches



Crazy thoughts

Poor battery life

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