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The Acer Mixed Reality headset is only one of a few entryways into Microsoft's fresh out of the box new virtual reality biological system, which it confusingly alludes to as Windows Mixed Reality. That may appear like a logical inconsistency, and Microsoft has muddied the definitions somewhat here, yet all you have to know is this is unquestionably VR; there's no chance to get of seeing through the headset into this present reality, in any event not yet.
Acer Mixed Reality HMD

Microsoft brings the genuine and virtual together in some other one of a kind ways, which we'll dig into somewhat later on, however in every way that really matters this is a virtual reality headset, and the stage all in all – made of VR headsets from Asus, Lenovo and others as well – is clashing against the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive.

Cost when looked into:


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Be that as it may, things have changed a little since Microsoft first guaranteed "great and reasonable VR", so is it still an enticing recommendation? Does it coordinate its greatest opponents on power and esteem? Read on and discover.

Acer Mixed Reality headset: Design, controllers and following

Acer Mixed Reality headset survey

See, in the event that I came thumping on your entryway and revealed to you that Acer had made a VR headset, you would likely a) call the cops and b) picture a blandly composed VR HMD. Also, you'd be spot on the two records. Acer's blue head protector is thoroughly fine – not terrible, not delightful – and about as roused as its name, yet frankly, with these things intended to be worn in the security of the home, does anybody truly think that much about what they look like? Newsflash: you're continually going to look dumb with a VR headset on.

How they feel is an alternate issue, obviously, and I'm happy to locate that Acer's model is more agreeable than it looks. It's light, and the weight that it has is conveyed over the headband so you don't feel weight against your face. Indeed, it's extremely plastic; it's likewise handy. After long play sessions despite everything I had an inclination that I could cheerfully go on, where now and again with VR I've felt like my make a beeline for take a rest.

Here's an extremely cool thing however: You can flip that front visor up as well on the off chance that you need to check your telephone/apologize to the pooch for venturing on it, without lifting the headset off completely. It's an awesome component that you won't discover on any of the other real headsets outside of Mixed Reality at this moment.

Acer Mixed Reality headset audit

On the back of the tie is a dialer, like one you'll discover on different headsets, which gives you a chance to alter the snugness. On Acer's I've observed that to be especially essential, as the plan makes it difficult to keep up the sweet spot. I frequently need to change it marginally when the picture starts to obscure keeping in mind the end goal to find that purpose of clearness once more. The Vive, for instance, completes a superior employment of embracing to my head.

When you are in the sweet detect, the photo faces the opposition. A determination of 1400 x 1400 for every eye puts the Acer over the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive and PS VR, which all come in at 1080 x 1200 for every eye – however Samsung's Odyssey goes significantly higher at 1400 x 1600. The Acer likewise has a field of perspective of 95 degrees, which is somewhat not as much as some other MR headsets and the Rift and Vive, yet not significantly.

Acer Mixed Reality headset survey

Generally speaking, the picture quality has been shockingly great. There's still somewhat of a screen entryway impact in the LCD when I stop and gaze, yet the higher determination implies it's somewhat less observable here. Like I stated, it's the test of keeping that sweet spot exact that is the greatest negative here (and the appropriate response is by all accounts to simply ensure the dial is constantly turned as tight as conceivable without harming yourself).

At that point we have the controllers. These are packaged in with the headset and each have Acer's logo embellished on the handle, however you will get similar ones with whichever MR headset you purchase. They look somewhere close to the Oculus Touch and Vive wand controllers – with the manufacture nature of not one or the other. They feel somewhat more shoddy and plasticky, despite the fact that the sparkly lights that show up when they're on are, as a matter of fact, sleep inducing. On every controller is a thumbstick, a touchpad (once more, a mix of Vive and Touch includes), an alternative catch, a Windows catch, a side catch and a trigger.

The opposition

So where are the outer sensors to monitor this, you may inquire? Well that is the enchantment of Windows Mixed Reality: there aren't any. The greater part of the headsets have back to front following, which means you can stroll around in VR with no dread of impediment. You do in any case need to set up a play space, and you'll see a lattice show up in the VR world should you get excessively near your parameters, however the additional opportunity influences Acer's headset to feel quite a lot more open.

Acer Mixed Reality headset audit

With respect to how the following thinks about to the Rift, Vive and PS VR, it's, once more, been shockingly great. I'd had a few demos with these headsets consistently, however this was my opportunity to push the limits more. So far there has been just a single event where I had all of a sudden contracted and needed to restart when the adjustment went AWOL, however generally the head following has been smooth. Controller following has been somewhat more spotty, with them at times going off at interesting edges, however nothing that is had me frightened. The following doesn't feel very as smooth and exact as the Oculus Touch or Vive wands, yet in the event that you haven't utilized both of those previously, I don't think you'd feel disillusioned here.

Acer Mixed Reality headset: What even is Windows Mixed Reality?

Thus, Microsoft disclosed this to us a while back, yet when it discusses Mixed Reality it's alluding to a whole stage, with HoloLens toward one side and these VR headsets at the other. After some time, it sees this all focalizing – and it likely will – yet for the without a moment's hesitation Mixed Reality on these headsets is simply VR. They do have cameras on the front, yet these are just to track your development, and chances are you won't perceive any kind of passthrough highlight soon.

There is, in any case, a kind of "blended"… ness to the Cliff House, which is the name of the virtual home you'll be living in when in Mixed Reality. All that you do is booted up from here: applications live on dividers and can be moved, and some have assigned rooms: the lounge has a gigantic TV for booting up 360 recordings, however you can simply make a window somewhere else to play out a similar capacity. This is your home; go crazy.

Normally, when I found the application store of "multi dimensional images", questions, for example, seats or energized creatures that can be relocated freely, I turned out to be completely put resources into enlivening my new home.

Acer Mixed Reality headset survey

What's wrong, never observed three chimpanzees eating pizza on goliath skimming burgers previously?

This is the thing that I cherish about Cliff House, the opportunity to simply filth around, yet be cautioned that tossing each one of those windows and oddity sustenance things about can get the place chaotic before long. Gratefully everything can be rejected with a straightforward snap of its little X symbol. To the extent development goes, while you can stroll around in your assigned play space, you likewise utilize the controller thumbsticks to transport short separations around the house. It's a velocity strategy we've seen utilized in a lot of different diversions and encounters, and not once has it influenced me to feel sick.

While none of this extensions the genuine and virtual universes, it brings the VR virtual and outside-of-VR virtual together. For instance, I browsed my messages and even sent one utilizing one of the applications, at that point booted up Skype in another. The greater part of this occurred inside the Cliff House involvement, not even once expecting me to remove the headset (I could sign into my Microsoft and Gmail accounts in there, through a goliath fly up console).

This is a look into how Microsoft sees the future, where both efficiency and fun occurs in the virtual world.

Where Mixed Reality as of now merits acclamations is in that convenience Microsoft guaranteed. When you have the Fall Creators Edition, the Acer HMD is basically fitting and-play. When you've connected it to the USB and HDMI, the Mixed Reality program will naturally boot. Also, setup is a breeze.

The base specs for Windows Mixed Reality are exceptionally sensible as well, assisting bring down the obstruction of passage. Actually, there are two levels of perfect PC: Mixed Reality Ready and Mixed Reality Ultra. At the standard level, which will be generally for machines with incorporated illustrations, the casing rate sits at 60fps, while Ultra-level PCs will get 90 outlines for every second. A few recreations will just work on the last mentioned, says Microsoft, and that is the form I've tried on, so I can't yet talk regarding how the lower setting looks at.

Which conveys me to the "substance", stuff that lives outside of messages and Microsoft applications. At this moment, the amusements library is negligible, and that is on the grounds that the Mixed Reality biological system is just barely getting off the ground. Some commonplace titles have effectively advanced over, including Superhot, Fantastic Contraption, Space Pirate Trainer and the Jaunt VR application. The new Halo Recruit diversion, which is extremely only an objective practice demo, is likewise now accessible to download (for nothing) and play.

It's pitiful scraps for the time being, however all desires are that this will change rapidly with the majority of these headsets taking off before the occasions. This is just barely getting off the ground recollect, with Mixed Reality just touching base on Windows 10 a matter of days back with the Fall Creators Update. We return to the vast majority of our surveys on Wareable, yet I'll be returning to this one sooner than I regularly would in light of the fact that I value it's still early days – and SteamVR is coming, which will open the entryway for significantly more recreations.

Acer Mixed Reality headset survey

Be that as it may, there is a quick issue I see, and it returns to those progressions that have occurred since Microsoft first reported Mixed Reality. Oculus has been forceful in its evaluating in the course of recent months, and right now the Rift packaged with controllers costs $399 – the same as Acer's HMD. Blended the truth was intended to be around a moderate option, yet rather there's an equality with the Rift. It's as yet less expensive than the Vive (until further notice) yet a great deal of VR wannabes will look at this against Oculus, which is as yet the ideal specimen for VR. Acer can contend on convenience and similarity, however on recreations? Not yet.

So while Acer is putting forth a moderately low-evaluated route into VR, that value never again appears as delectable as it once did. This headset is great, don't misunderstand me, however with every single other choice considered, I have more confidence in the Mixed Reality stage than I do Acer's gateway into it.

Acer Windows Mixed Reality Headset

By Acer

Acer gives us a not too bad first look into the Windows Mixed Reality environment with a moderate, fitting and-play HMD. The stage needs significantly more amusements, and they're en route, however until the point when that happens the Oculus Rift can be grabbed at a similar cost, while all the more encouraging Windows MR headsets are likewise taking off – which abandons us with more seek after Mixed Reality than Acer's way into it.


Available PC VR

High determination focal points

No outer sensors required


Blended Reality needs programming

Configuration can affect seeing quality

Controller following can be spotty

The Samsung versus Acer Mixed Reality headsets

The huge VR story this year isn't another headset from Oculus or HTC - it's Microsoft's entrance into the space with Windows 10 Mixed Reality gadgets. They guarantee to be less expensive and less demanding to use than the Rift or Vive, on account of a touch of assistance from HoloLens' 3D following innovation. Acer's was among the primary we found in real life, and it was a promising case of what a cheap VR headset could resemble. Samsung, in the mean time, was late to the gathering with HMD Odyssey, yet it additionally gave us a look at top of the line Mixed Reality headsets. Since we've invested some energy with both (alongside HP's headset prior this week), it's a great opportunity to choose which handles Mixed Reality best. (Spoiler: It isn't Acer.)



Visor can fly up when you're wearing it

Works with SteamVR


Senses that a spending gadget, despite the fact that it costs $400

Mediocre screen quality

Smaller field of view



Acer's Mixed reality headset was one of the most readily accessible Windows VR gadgets, and it appears. It feels modest, it's difficult to wear and its screens can't measure up to the opposition - particularly Samsung's HMD Odyssey.


The contrast amongst Samsung's and Acer's headsets is promptly clear. The main thing exceptional about Acer's stylish is the reflexive blue plastic visor, which, together with whatever is left of its outline, influences it to feel like a fundamental headset. It's somewhat unstable, nearly as though it would break separated in the event that it tumbled to the floor. Acer's selection of materials isn't roused either, particularly the shoddy froth around the eyepiece. To the organization's credit, the fake calfskin padding on the best and back bits of the headband feels OK.

Samsung's HMD Odyssey, then again, is just striking. That bodes well however. It was constantly planned to be a top of the line masterpiece for Microsoft's Mixed Reality stage. While it, as well, is made of plastic, it's of a significantly higher quality than Acer's gadget. It looks and feels more tasteful, and it's obviously sturdier. The inherent AKG earphones are additionally difficult to miss: They give the whole gadget the quality of a costly combine of sound apparatus. Samsung's headset is considerably heavier than Acer's - it weighs 625 grams versus 380 - yet the rich padding around its eyepiece headband still makes it agreeable to wear.

Samsung's headset even feels more premium than the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. That is on the grounds that the organization could gain from those prior headsets. The HTC Vive still emits the impression of being an unpredictable gadget implied for super nerds; the Oculus Rift is as a matter of fact more shopper agreeable however ailing in pizazz. Contrasted with the PlayStation VR, the most prevalent headset out there, Samsung's putting forth feels less like a toy.

You'll see considerably more sensational contrasts between the two headsets when you analyze their showcases. Acer's depends on two 2.9-inch screens running at a joined determination of 2,880 by 1,440 pixels, with a 100-degree field of view. Samsung's, in any case, utilizes bigger 3.5-inch AMOLED boards, every one of which flaunts 1,440 by 1,600 determination (or 3,200 by 1,440 pixels together). On account of those greater screens, the HMD Odyssey additionally has a more extensive, 110-degree field of view. Furthermore, as you'll see beneath, that makes everything appear to be significantly more immersive.

With regards to their movement controllers, the two organizations are by and by completely different. Acer fundamentally took after Microsoft's reference plan totally, like HP. That enabled it to get the nuts and bolts down; it has a better than average thumbstick and touchpad, alongside the trigger and hold catches that are so basic to VR encounters. In any case, it's not happy to hold for long, since the controller's straight handles don't rest normally in your grasp. Also, the catches feel flimsier and less fulfilling than what you'd get with the Vive and Rift.

Samsung's controller has a similar catch format, yet the handles are bended somewhat to make them more agreeable to hold. Its plastic edge feels sturdier than Acer's, and its catches and trackpad are additionally a stage up in quality. My solitary dissension: The highest point of its joystick is smooth to the point that it's difficult to really keep your thumb on it. It would have been pleasant to have edges or another sort of material to abstain from slipping. Regardless of that, the thumbstick steel feels smoother to use than Acer's; it's more in accordance with what we anticipate from gaming-support controllers nowadays.

Being used

Devindra Hardawar/Engadget

Indeed, even at this beginning period, there's one thing each window Mixed Reality headset has in like manner: They're staggeringly simple to set up. Expecting your PC is sufficiently intense (at the base, Mixed Reality requires a fourth-age Intel processor and a NVIDIA GTX 960 GPU), you should simply connect to HDMI and USB 3.0 links and you're ready. Not at all like the Oculus Rift, which depends on tabletop sensors, or the HTC Vive, which requires introducing two Lightbox gadgets in inverse corners of your room, Mixed Reality headsets utilize worked in sensors to track your development. That in a split second fathoms one of the greatest cerebral pains for purchasers. Setting up the Rift's and Vive's sensors can be an irritating experience when you simply need to jump into VR.

When you have a headset connected to, Windows consequently dispatches its Mixed Reality Portal, which twofold checks your equipment to ensure it can run VR. You can match the movement controllers like some other Bluetooth gadget - simply hit the blending catch under the battery cover and select the controller in your framework settings. At last, the Mixed Reality Portal gives both of you approaches to utilize your headset: sitting and remaining set up, or strolling around. In the event that you pick the last mentioned, it requests that you make a virtual outskirt by holding a headset and strolling around the reasonable region of your room. That is imperative, since it'll enable you to stay away from dividers and obstructions while you're in VR.

When I set up the two headsets, it rapidly turned out to be certain that the Samsung HMD Odyssey is just better on each level. It's anything but difficult to put on, and it fits over my glasses without an issue. In particular, it's a standout amongst the most agreeable headsets I've ever utilized, on account of its liberal utilization of premium pads (around the eyepiece, on your brow, on the back of your head and on the earphones). It feels like costly adjustable foam I've found in top of the line cushions and sleeping cushions.

After venturing into Microsoft's virtual lounge room, which fills in as a zone to come back to between VR encounters, I was shocked by how extraordinary it looked with the HMD Odyssey. Hues were brighter, and the whole condition seemed, by all accounts, to be substantially more keen than with other Mixed Reality headsets. What's more, on account of that 110-degree field of view, I felt encompassed by that virtual world. Generally, that is on the grounds that Samsung abstained from utilizing straightforward roundabout focal points like Acer and HP. Rather, its VR screens are more similar to uneven ovals that are taller than they are wide. That is in accordance with what we've seen from the Rift and Vive.

Superhot group

Superhot on the Windows Store looked clearer and more energetic with Samsung's HMD Odyssey, contrasted with the Rift and Vive. It additionally completed a strong activity following my development as I evaded and weaved through slugs and clench hands flying toward my head. Samsung's controllers felt similarly as precise as the Oculus Touch's and HTC Vive's; I effortlessly shot shots at adversaries who were many virtual feet away.

That was the situation for most diversions and VR encounters, however I experienced some difficulty with Duck Season in SteamVR (which Windows headsets are likewise good with). Pointing and reloading my virtual shotgun felt cumbersome and clumsy, despite the fact that I experienced no difficulty playing it on the Vive. There's a decent possibility the designers still need to improve that amusement to more readily bolster Mixed Reality headsets and controllers.

I tried Acer's headset subsequent to going through a couple of hours with Samsung's, and it nearly felt out of line to look at them. While the previous is lighter and simpler to put on, it was significantly harder to make it fit serenely. I additionally developed to despise the froth cushioning Acer utilized around its eyepiece. It felt shabby and scratchy on my skin, even after only a couple of minutes of wearing it. It's confounding why that froth additionally covers where the headset sits against your nose, since it continually presses against your nostrils. That occasionally made it somewhat difficult to inhale while in VR - and yes, I had a go at altering the headset a lot of times to stay away from that.

Acer's model is additionally a reasonable downsize from Samsung's once you advance into VR. Since its focal points are shorter, your perspective of the virtual world is more similar to peering through a couple of binoculars as opposed to being encompassed by the earth. What's more, past that, the screen quality was additionally much more terrible; everything looked more blunt and less sharp than with Samsung's headset. Regardless I figured out how to appreciate a few rounds of Superhot, however I couldn't shake the inclination that I was having a more awful affair.

Subsequent to ricocheting over a few VR encounters, including the cozy Through You, by Lily Baldwin and Saschka Unseld, and additionally a few other 360-degree recordings in the Jaunt VR application, the Acer headset felt sufficient, best case scenario. It does the rudiments of what we'd need from a VR headset, however it experiences considerable difficulties going up against increasingly amazing passages like the HMD Odyssey.

Valuing and the opposition

Acer's Mixed Reality headset was the principal we saw from Microsoft's stage, so it's no big surprise it feels somewhat like a surge work. It was likewise one of the $300 models Microsoft was at first touting as a rebate passage into VR. Presently, however, the Acer headset costs $400 together with its controllers. That is harder to stomach when Samsung's HMD Odyssey package goes for $500. There's plainly much more than a $100 distinction in quality between the two. In the interim, HP's Mixed Reality headset, which we inspected a week ago, comes in at $450. I'd even now prescribe Samsung's model over that, since it has obviously better controllers and presentations.

Obviously, the genuine contenders to each window VR headset are the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Given that the Rift is currently down to $400 with its Touch Controllers and it has a bigger library of VR titles, despite everything it appears as though the better choice for the vast majority. You lose the comfort of inherent following, yet you get a more dynamic programming environment in return (and it'll likewise work with SteamVR titles).


Next to each other, Samsung's and Acer's contributions appear reading material cases of what to do, and what to maintain a strategic distance from, when making VR headsets. The HMD Odyssey is agreeable, well-manufactured and influences virtual reality to appear to be unbelievably immersive. Acer's, in the mean time, is none of those things. While it's still early days for Microsoft's Mixed Reality Platform, on the off chance that you need to bounce in, plainly Samsung's headset is your best choice.

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