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Welcome to our entire manual for finding the best individual blender for your necessities in 2018. Individual blenders which are likewise usually alluded to as "Single-Serve Blenders" have turned into the quickest developing fragment of the blender machine class in the most recent decade because of the ubiquity of sound smoothies.

This is an exhaustive diagram of the best individual blenders available and we have positioned our best picks toward the start. We will ceaselessly refresh this guide as the market changes.

Lately there have has been a developing number of decisions for single serve blenders. Probably the most well known models are from littler brands who just focus on the little blender advertise. A considerable lot of the bigger kitchen machine makers have likewise included reduced the-go blender models to their item lineup.

In this guide we just spotlight on the single-serve models. We do exclude any of the full-measure ledge blenders that additionally accompany singular size holders.

The primary separation when looking at blender models is power, extras, and highlights. They can go in cost somewhere in the range of $25 to more than $200.

Who Should Buy a Personal Blender

Single serve blenders are ideal for making little bit formulas, solid smoothies to go, and quick morning protein shakes. They likewise function admirably for exercises like slashing nuts and pureeing sauces in little amounts.

Little blenders offer an extensive variety of capacities for their size however they aren't as great the same number of full-measure blenders and are restricted in the measure of fixings that they can mix.

The normal reasons that individuals pick a reduced blender over a full-estimate ledge blender is the smaller size, cost, and capacity to rapidly make little clusters.

Step by step instructions to Choose the Best Single Serve Blender

As we said before, there is a wide value scope of individual size blenders. For the most part cost will decide how intense the blender is and its highlights.

The low value models commonly have weaker engines which can just deal with straightforward mixing undertakings like milkshakes or crisp natural product smoothies yet will battle in pureeing more troublesome fixings like kale, nuts, and seeds. Additionally, weaker engines can overheat or break sooner on the off chance that you endeavor to mix more troublesome fixings.

As you climb in value you will for the most part get an all the more ground-breaking motor(600+ watts) that can deal with bigger limits and give better mixing execution.

Other than control alternate variables to consider are highlights and frill. For highlights, most single-serve blenders have basic controls and single speeds however a few models offer variable rates and preset capacities. For adornments, the models will differ in glass sizes, numerous sharp edges, different to-go compartments, and formula guides.

TIP – Container width can influence the ease of use of the blender. Thin compartments, for example, the Black and Decker Fusion Blade, Oster My Blend, and Hamilton Beach Personal Blender can make it hard to include fixings, clean the holder, and sufficiently enable space for the sharp edges to finely mix the fixings.

Nutribullet and Ninja single-serve blenders offer more easy to understand wide mouth glasses. While not a gigantic factor, compartment width is something worth considering.

Our Top Blender Picks

#1 Nutribullet Pro 900 – Best Personal Blender

Nutribullet 900 Pro individual blenderWe have composed widely about Nutribullet blenders and utilized them ourselves for a considerable length of time. The Nutribullet Pro 900 is our most loved model in view of its execution and cost. (see our Nutribullet Pro Review). It is our best decision for best individual smoothie blender.

The Nutribullet Pro has been available for quite a long time and has top surveys from shoppers and numerous autonomous blender correlation tests.

It will mix fixings speedier than shabby individual blenders and the 900 watts is sufficient capacity to clean troublesome fixings like nuts, seeds, and sinewy vegetables, for example, kale. The 32oz "Gigantic" mugs can hold enough crude fixings to mix down to a full supper substitution estimate smoothie or various littler portions.The containers measure more than 4 inches wide which furnishes a lot of surface contact with the sharp edges for mixing proficiency and execution.

It is easy to use with no control catches and hands free mixing. For estimate it gauges 15 inches tall and is sufficiently light to be effectively put away.

There are numerous varieties of the Nutribullet 900 which are all a similar blender engine base however the distinction is in the extras advertised. The most mainstream bundle is the 9 piece set which incorporates 900 watt control base, 2 giant containers with tops and handles, 1 sharp edge, and formula book. (The formula book is extremely pleasant to have yet you can likewise discover huge amounts of formulas on their site).

Generally speaking, the Nutribullet 900 is a brilliant blender for the cost and is an incredible decision on the off chance that you are centered around making sound smoothies.

Snap Here for Nutribullet Pro Current Price

#2 Breville Boss To Go – Premium Personal Smoothie Blender

Breville Boss To Go BlenderThe Breville Boss To Go is an intense smaller blender that has performed exceptionally well in autonomous blender tests.

It was brought into the market in 2016. It highlights 1000 watts of intensity with a smooth current plan and accompanies two exceptionally planned tumbler glasses (16oz and 23oz) .

With regards to execution, the Breville's Boss To Go positions close to the best for its capacity to make smooth, plush smoothies.

Analyzers found that the Breville Boss To Go mixed a few fixings more finely than the Nutribullet. The reasons we evaluated it second is: #1) Price is half more than Nutribullet 900 and #2) Some client grumblings about Breville's glass locking tabs not enduring.

Generally, the Breville has a strong vibe and quality plan. It positions close to the best for execution among autonomous little blender tests. For more points of interest read our broad Breville Boss To Go Review.

Snap Here for Breville Boss To Go Current Price

#3 Jamba Quiet Shield Blender – Nice Variety

Jamba Quiet Shield BlenderThe Jamba Quiet Shield blender is made by Hamilton Beach and offers a one of a kind mix of being both a solitary serve blender and also a best stacking customary blender. It is somewhat bigger than other single-serve blenders yet littler than a full-measure ledge blender.

It accompanies both a 20oz single-serve and a 32oz best stacking holder. It has the special reward of a sound hosing spread for bringing down the clamor.

Highlights a great 1200 watt (1.6 strength) engine and is one of only a handful couple of single-serve blenders that gives variable paces. It offers a liberal multi year restricted guarantee which is more than different blenders in this classification.

For execution, Consumer Reports testing found that the Jamba blender did "great in general execution". Other autonomous tests found that the Nutribullet 900 and Breville gave a slight edge in execution over the Jamba Quiet Shield for mixing consistency and results.

The Jamba is all around estimated and is a decent decision on the off chance that you like the capacity to have a best stacking pitcher. The clamor hosing highlight is a decent reward in the event that you make smoothies in a flat or at a young hour early in the day.

We like the Jamba blender and it is an awesome alternative particularly at the cost. We gave a slight appraisals edge to the Nutribullet and Breville because of mixing execution, minimized size, and convenience.

For more points of interest on the Jamba blender, see our broad Jamba Quiet Shield Blender audit.

Snap Here for Jamba Quiet Shield Current Pricing

#4 Nutri Ninja – Good Power and Price

Nutri Ninja Pro blenderNinja makes an extensive variety of blenders and their Nutri-Ninja models speak to their own size blender item lineup. They have numerous models in their Nutri-Ninja product offering which we itemized in our Nutribullet versus Ninja examination however the principle base model is the Ninja BL456 (Formerly the BL450) which is like the Nutribullet 900.

In case you're searching for a blender that can separate entire foods grown from the ground into a smooth, drinkable smoothie, this is the individual blender that was intended to do precisely that. It can squash ice effortlessly with its 900-watt engine and mix smoothies, shakes, or mixed drinks. The glasses are BPA free and have Sip and Seal covers so you can mix and go. This incorporates one 24-ounce glass and one 18-ounce container. You can purchase more containers independently. The containers and covers are dishwasher safe.
The Nutri Ninja is VERY prevalent and has strong evaluations from clients and autonomous tests (America's Test Kitchen pick this blender as their most loved individual blender) .

A few tests and clients found that the Ninja didn't perform very and also the Nutribullet when mixing more troublesome fixings like sinewy Kale, however the Ninja Pro is estimated significantly less than the comparatively controlled Nutribullet 900.

The two issues we have with the Nutri Ninja Pro are 1) You need to hold the container down while mixing so it isn't handoffs and 2) The biggest glass is 24oz (contrasted with Nutribullet's 32oz). While the two issues aren't a noteworthy issue yet they ought to be considered.

Generally speaking the Ninja BL456 is extremely all around evaluated and worth considering however we gave a slight edge to the Nutribullet for execution, hands off mixing, bigger container, and individual experience utilizing Nutribullet for quite a while without any issues.

Snap Here for Nutri-Ninja Current Pricing

SIDE NOTE – Ninja likewise makes different full-measure blenders that work with their Nutri Ninja single-serve containers on the off chance that you need the adaptability of both a smaller and full-estimate blender. For more subtle elements, see our manual for Ninja Blenders.

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Other Personal Blender Reviews

Recorded beneath are a portion of the other minimized blenders available worth specifying that we didn't pick among our best decisions.

Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender

Hamilton Beach little blenderThe Hamilton Beach Single Serve Blender (Model 51101BA) is the most minimal cost blender and has 175 watts of intensity. Basic one touch catch and 14oz container. With 175 watts it is restricted in its capacity and limit at 14 oz so it can just do little segments. It is decent in the event that you require a little blender for movement as it is lightweight and conservative.

While it is reasonable, the constrained power and limit make it harder for mixing harder fixings and it can take more time to mix. It is fine in the event that you need a basic little blender for fundamental organic product smoothies, mixing cooked child sustenance, or blending protein shakes.

Something else, on the off chance that you need to make green smoothies or utilize a more extensive scope of fixings in your smoothies then we would run with an all the more ground-breaking single serve blender.

Snap Here for Hamilton Beach Blender Pricing

Bella Personal Drink Blenders

Bella blender mark offers two or three diverse minimal blenders.

Bella Rocket Personal Blender – The most mainstream demonstrate is the Bella 12 Piece Rocket Blender which is extremely moderate and offers 240watts of mixing power with 21.6ounce limit. It is a better than average little blender yet like the Hamilton Beach it is restricted in its abilities because of its engine quality. At the cost it offers pleasant alternatives however we would favor the all the more intense Nutribullet 600 or 900 for better outcomes and bigger limit. See our point by point Bella Rocket Blender Review

Bella Rocket separate blender reviewBella Rocket Extract Pro 700 – Bella turned out with a higher estimated demonstrate called the Rocket Extract Pro 700 watt blender to rival the Nutribullet 600. The Rocket Extract Pro offers the most influence for the cash among its associates. It has been available for a long time and has average surveys including great test scores from America's Test Kitchen.

The reasons we didn't pick this blender as a best pick is on account of there are client protests about the blender spilling and issues with quality after some time. For the most part the general audits are certain on the grounds that it offers pleasant highlights for the cash however we are worried about the quality after some time. By and by, we lean toward the Nutribullet on the grounds that it has much more positive surveys and free testing than the Bella yet the Nutribullet is double the cost. (Another alternative is the Nutri Ninja which is an indistinguishable cost from Nutribullet 600).

At the minimal effort, the Bella Rocket merits attempting on the off chance that you simply need to begin with straightforward smoothies or will just utilize every so often. It will battle with pureeing a few fixings in green smoothies. There are greater unwavering quality protestations about this blender contrasted with our best picks yet you could purchase a reasonable machine guarantee with the Bella blender for significant serenity.

Snap Here for Bella Rocket Extract Current Pricing

Tribest Personal Blenders

Tribest single serve blender reviewTribest makes a few distinctive individual blender models. The PB-150 is their underlying model with 200 watts has 200 watts and a scope of frill. The PB-250 is marginally higher cost as it offers a processor set. The Tribest PB-350 has the same 200 watt engine base as the PB250 yet offers a frill unit to work with Mason Jars (related article: Mason Jar blenders). Every one of these models are truly costly for what you get in contrast with contending individual blenders. The Sweet Home appraised the PB-150 well in their tests as a best pick for little mixing errands like straightforward shakes, dressings, and sauces yet is restricted in its execution because of its little engine and 16 ounce holder measure.

Tribest likewise offers one of the main individual blenders with a glass jostle called the Tribest PBG-5050-A Glass Personal Blender. This model is too new to the market to have much input yet the principle issue we have with it is the surprising expense.

We didn't pick the Tribest as a best decision since it is very restricted in its ability and control and has a high cost for its highlights contrasted with other little blenders.

Snap Here for Tribest Current Price

Dark and Decker FusionBlade

dark decker fushion sharp edge individual blenderThe FusionBlade blender is economical and works moderately well. It offers a 20oz mixing jug and 275 watts of intensity which is at the top of the line for control contrasted with other single-serve blenders in this value extend.

GoodHousekeeping gave this blender 3.5 out of 5 stars as this blender performed well in their different mixing tests for making milkshakes, solidified beverages, and crushing espresso beans, yet it didn't work out quite as well making smoothies. A pleasant advantage of this blender is the multi year guarantee which is longer than the run of the mill multi year blender guarantee offered by numerous makers.

While this blender is extremely reasonable, the drawbacks are its execution with mixing green smoothies and the limited mouth jugs can be less easy to understand. Else, it is a respectable little blender at the cost particularly for straightforward errands like mixing protein shakes. On the off chance that you need a more flexible individual blender for making green smoothies at that point think about our best picks.

Snap Here for Fusionblade Current Pricing

Vitamix S30 Blender

Vitamix s30 blenderThe Vitamix is viewed as the best blender mark by most culinary experts and Vitamix full-estimate ledge blenders are utilized as a part of business kitchens all through the world. With that quality and notoriety, Vitamix blenders are on the costly side since they are worked to last.

Vitamix acquainted their S arrangement blenders with contend in the developing little blender showcase. The most minimal evaluated show is the S30 which accompanies both a 20oz and 40oz holder. It has a 790watt engine and is well manufactured like all Vitamix items. The two holders are great sizes for adaptability.

SIDE NOTE – If you as of now have a Vitamix blender then you would now be able to get a Vitamix Personal Cup connector to utilize the S-arrangement individual size containers with your customary full-measure C-arrangement or G-arrangement Vitamix blender.

The reasons we did exclude this as a best pick is a direct result of the high cost and the execution wasn't discernibly superior to the Nutribullet or Breville. It has entirely great audits from Consumer Reports and CNET yet there are other client surveys like this one that demonstrated the S30 was finicky in its consistency.

By and large, the Vitamix S30 is well manufactured however audits appeared to be blended on its execution to legitimize the high cost. Truly, at the surprising expense of the S30 you should get a full-estimate repaired Vitamix for less which will give greater adaptability. You could simply include the Vitamix individual glass connector later on in the event that you truly need the usefulness of a solitary serve. On the off chance that you are new to Vitamix at that point see our broad Vitamix Review manage for our best decisions.

Snap Here for Vitamix S30 Current Price

Cuisinart CPB 300

Cuisinart cb 300 individual blenderWe love Cuisinart sustenance processors and they have had an individual blender available for a long time. The CPB 300 is a 350 watt minimized blender with a 32oz container, four 16oz travel glasses, and 8oz slashing container. It is extremely smaller and has pleasant electronic touchpad controls.

The audits are for the most part great yet there are a few dissensions about it overheating. Likewise a few clients said it doesn't perform well making smoothies despite the fact that it relies upon the fixings you are utilizing. The Sweet Home contrasted it with other individual blenders and said it couldn't mix thick smoothies without the engine getting hot.

In the event that you watch this video, you can see that the Cuisinart CPB 300 battles making a smoothie at the 1:20 moment stamp and experiences issues pulling the fixings down to the edge.

By and large, the Cuisinart is decent for basic mixing assignments like a protein shake, fundamental crisp natural product smoothie or essential nourishment prep. It isn't one of our best decisions in light of the fact that the 350 watt engine will battle mixing green smoothies and thick smoothies particularly with fixings like nuts, solidified natural products, and sinewy vegetables.

On the off chance that you are on a financial plan, the Cuisinart is sensibly estimated at just underneath the Ninja BL456 however it is 3x the cost of the Hamilton Beach blender. We would like to pay marginally more for the all the more intense Ninja or one of our best picks in the event that you will make a considerable measure of smoothies.

See Cuisinart CPB 300 Current Price

Last Thoughts

There are numerous individual size blender accessible yet we keep on staying with the Nutribullet Pro as our best decision for execution and cost.

The lower estimated little blenders are as a rule under-fueled for green smoothies and constrained in their capacities, however they can be useful for little mixing assignments and straightforward fixings. The higher valued models are great decisions for quality and execution however they begin to contend in cost with the full size blenders which offer all the more mixing force, highlights, and quality.

The best decisions that we recorded above offer a decent adjust of execution, usability, and cost. Althought, if size and movability are the most vital criteria for you at that point investigate our scaled down blender direct.

Best Affordable yet Powerful Personal Blenders

There are such a large number of different individual blender brands and models accessible, however customers scarcely know them aside from the maybe a couple most publicized ones. Those publicized ones are frequently advertised as "entire juicers or supplement extractors" that concentrate the supplements from the nourishment the way no different blenders can do. Shoppers want to look any further and hurry to purchase those blenders keeping in mind the end goal to wind up sound brisk. Indeed, those extraordinary "supplement extractors" are only a topsy turvy blender that, similar to some other blender, beats sustenance for less demanding absorption. For instance, on the off chance that you toss an orange, banana, kale or solidified strawberry into such a topsy turvy device, the outcome will be a mixed smoothie with no extraction/division of juice or mash.

In this article, we will never again keep on praising those blenders, otherwise known as supplement extractors, however sincerely think about the parameters and usefulness of a rundown of single-serving units. We mean to find seven reasonable, dependable and powerful single serving blenders for shoppers who are searching for a reduced, simple to utilize and clean individual contraption.

Beginning each day with a green smoothie sounds entirely perfect. You get a huge amount of vegetables and nearly everyone feels solid with a green drink close by. However, getting up each morning to mix a major clump is considerably less inviting. Fortunately, the best individual blenders out there make that morning smoothie fantastically simple.

Presently, an individual blender may sound similar to a partner who deals with all your mixing needs, in any case, it's only a modest blender. You put in simply enough stuff for your morning smoothie, it mixes everything up in around 30 seconds, and you're en route. This kitchen apparatus enables you to mix directly into a movement glass, so you don't have to exchange your smoothie to another container. Simply seal it up and take off for the day.

Having an incredible kitchen instrument that mixes up a moment, versatile breakfast makes it such a great amount of less demanding to practice good eating habits. You can modify your own juices, influence protein to powder shakes, or have an espresso frappé without venturing into a Starbucks. Furthermore, beginning your day with huge amounts of foods grown from the ground will influence you to feel astonishing. Also, it doesn't hurt that these nine individual blenders are absolutely reasonable.

1A Real Life Fruit-Blending Ninja


Nutri Ninja Pro, $70, Amazon

The Nutri Ninja leaves no organic product safe. The extractor cutting edges effectively mix ice, organic products, and seeds for a delicious, wholesome smoothie. It accompanies 24 ounce and 16 ounce without bpa travel mugs, so whether you feel like a medium or substantial drink, you're secured. Also, you get a free booklet loaded with 75 stunning smoothie formulas.

2A Personal Blender With Over 3000 Reviews


Oster My Blend Blender with Travel Sports Bottle, $18, Amazon

Mix everything directly into your container. This Oster blender can pound ice and stir up smoothies instantly. At that point, evacuate the sans bpa sports container and take your juice in a hurry. Furthermore, it's sufficiently little for even the most modest kitchens.

3A Magic Bullet Set With Lots Of Options


Enchantment Bullet 17-Piece Express Mixing Set, $47, Amazon

A couple of years prior, my flat mates were madly awed by the enchantment of the Magic Bullet. This Magic Bullet is an incredible alternative for mix and-go smoothies. This set accompanies four mugs and two sets of containers, sharp edges, and fixed and vented covers. In this way, you'll have anything you have to transport your smoothies comfortable fingertips.

4A Blender Set With Multiple Travel Mugs


Hamilton Beach Personal Single Serve Blender with 2 Jars and Lids, $15, Amazon

Another incredible little blender alternative, this intense Hamilton Beach blender accompanies two travel jugs with coordinating covers. You can blend your smoothie directly into the container, put a cover on it, and appreciate! With two jugs, you can make a smoothie ahead of time. Or on the other hand, on the off chance that you didn't wash out the mug from the prior night, you can simply utilize the second jug!

5A Rechargeable Cordless Blender You Can Take Anywhere


Sumgott Portable Blender USB Juicer Cup, $30, Amazon

This cordless blender is ideal for movement. Charge it by means of USB, at that point take it to the shoreline. Approve, you don't need to go to the shoreline with it, however it's anything but difficult to take to work, or school, or wherever you require a smoothie. Or then again, in the event that you are at the shoreline, make a margarita! You truly get all your savor needs one compact bundle.

6A Trusted Name In Personal Blenders


NutriBullet 12-Piece High Speed Mixer, $80, Amazon

The OG individual blender, this NutriBullet will give you an astonishing smoothie unfailingly. With a 600-watt engine, this thing experiences no difficulty mixing ice, natural products, or vegetables. You get two unique cutting edges, sealable covers, and a scope of movement container sizes. In addition, a sustenance control with awesome formulas and thoughts.

7A Slim, Sleek Personal Blender That's BPA-Free


Keyton 21 oz Personal Blender with Travel Lid, $25, Amazon

This blender resembles it's from what's to come. It's basic and smooth and doesn't take up an ounce of room that it needn't bother with. Mix smoothies directly into the 21 ounce travel jug and divert your drink. It's BPA free and UL guaranteed, so it's totally protected.

8A Fully Portable Blender That's Light and Easy To Transport


Viankors Personal Blender with Travel Cup, $38, Amazon

Unfortunately, a tornado isn't ensured in each jug. In any case, this compact blender is still truly noteworthy. Rather than deserting the base and taking endlessly a movement container, this blender is sufficiently little to take the entire thing with you. It's ideal for protein powder shakes, but at the same time it's sufficiently solid to mix up ice and natural products. Simply charge it by means of USB and take it with you all around.

9A Personal Blender With Touchpad Control


Cuisinart 350 Watt Blender with Electronic Touchpad, $55, Amazon

This tough individual blender is fantastically simple to utilize. The hardened steel front looks chic while the electronic touchpad gives you exact control over the blender's speed. Notwithstanding the base, you additionally get a 32 ounce container, a 8 ounce glass for slashing, and four 16 ounce travel mugs. Along these lines, you get an extraordinary smoothie producer and little sustenance processor across the board.

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