How to Cure Glaucoma With Acupuncture

Glaucoma is a state of the eye in which if not treated early can prompt visual deficiency. Since there is no agony or different side effects, it normally stays undetected until the point that vision is debilitated. Fringe vision is lost when the optic nerve gets harmed because of the expansion in IOP or intraocular weight. Eye drops and laser surgery can be utilized to control eye weight. Laser surgery can enable lower to eye weight for a specific level of patients, yet patients require more surgery following a couple of years if the underlying driver of glaucoma isn't tended to. On the off chance that a patient has had more than two surgeries, typically scar tissue develops and the weight can't be brought down by surgery effortlessly. Such a significant number of individuals like to attempt a non-intrusive system at in the first place, particularly if eye weight isn't high. One of these strategies is needle therapy for glaucoma, which is a customary and antiquated type of Chinese solution.

How Acupuncture Lowers Eye Pressure

On the off chance that the patient has been determined to have glaucoma in its beginning times, at that point needle therapy and pressure point massage can be exceptionally viable. In the later phases of glaucoma, it is smarter to join eye drops with needle therapy and pressure point massage. The inclusion of fine needles enhances course of liquids around the eye without causing dry eyes or contamination, if done by an accomplished acupuncturist. Particularly when patients as of now have a couple of laser surgeries and eye weight is still high, at that point needle therapy a few times each week might be the best decision.

Needle therapy Takes Care of Overall Health of the Eye

Needle therapy additionally enhances vision and back off degeneration of the optic nerve. Needle therapy for glaucoma bolsters the capacity and uprightness of the optic nerve. The optic nerve for the most part is harmed on the grounds that blood stream to the eyes diminishes. Needle therapy increments retrobulbar flow which helps in diminishing intraocular weight as well as accelerating liquid course all through the eyes. Scientists have discovered that even the visual keenness in individuals experiencing glaucoma can be enhanced when no less than a few sessions of needle therapy are done each week.

Needle therapy and Acupressure with Medicines Offer Faster and Better Results

Most specialists suggest those patients experiencing glaucoma consider going for a couple of sessions of needle therapy consistently, in light of the fact that eye drops can cause extreme dryness and diminish liquid course around the eyes. Clinically, when patients go to see an acupuncturist at any rate once per week and practice pressure point massage each day on more than one occasion, they can bring down the eye drop dose to avoid dryness and contamination in their eyes. Moreover, patients revealed vision sharpness enhanced by brushing glaucoma needle therapy and eye drops. The needles that are embedded are held for around 30 minutes around eyes, neck, hands and feet, and the profundity of the inclusion is around 3-10mm.

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